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It Has Been Completed!!
There & Back Again
San Diego to San Diego, via America!

My Summer 2012 Cross Country Motorcycle Road Trip
July 30, 2012 - September 20, 2012
(With updates as of 08/08/2023)

Just Another Joe (2:59)
Written by, and provided with permission from, Dave Lincoln, Sr.

The Missing Persons Band, with - Dave Lincoln, Sr., Lead Vocal
Pete Adams, Pedal Steel Guitar - Steve Adams, Drums - Chris Tuttle, Bass Guitar
Jon Graboff, Lead and Rhythm Guitars - Rick Tiven and Richard Thornburg, Violins

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There & Back Again: San Diego to San Diego, via America!

For those of you who might have just stumbled on to this page and do not know me, my name is Joe Tatro (pronounced "TAY-troe") and I'm Just Another Joe. [Joseph Francis Tatro, Jr. according to my birth certificate] I hail from the small New England town of Dalton, MA, a paper manufacturing town of about 7500 residents, located in Berkshire County, the western most county in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Dalton's claim to fame is that it's the home of Crane & Company, Inc., the only manufacturer of U.S. Currency paper in the world.

Got a buck in your pocket? It came from my hometown! Just sayin'.

In 2010, due to circumstances beyond my control, I packed up everything I owned, (well, everything that would fit anyway) including my 2006 H-D Road Glide, into my $500, 1993, Ford E-350, hi-top, handicap van, (minus the hydraulic wheelchair lift that was originally in the van) and in my home made enclosed utility trailer, that I built from an old camper, and headed west, to move in with my sister Joanne, here in San Diego, CA, at her suggestion.

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Somewher in the desert 2010

The E-350 Van & Homemade Trailer

Now, after almost two years living in San Diego, CA, I will be making my 1st return visit back to Berkshire County, via my H-D Road Glide motorcycle, by way of a good portion of America, and a little bit of Canada. It will be damn close to, but not quite, a true four corners run. (Then again, maybe a quick run up to Bentley's Saloon, Arundel ME, might just be in order)

I make no claim to be a journalist, but if you should decide to follow along, (see how you can do this below) you just don't know what interesting little tidbits you might see, or read, as I make my way across the country. Hell, you just might find yourself entertained by some photo I post, or some other interesting nugget, I might be inclined to share with ya, along the way.

Anyway, as you will plainly see, by the maps I've posted below, I've done more than just a little traveling/riding around this great big country of ours during my life. And, no doubt, you'll also notice that the cross country trip I'm currently planning, is a rather ambitious one, at least for someone with my medical history. (My close friends know what I mean)

In fact, this will be the longest trip I've EVER made, all in one shot, by motorcycle.

As it is setup right now, I expect to be on the road for over a month, riding through sections of no less than 27 US states, along with a small section of the Canadian Province of Ontario, and I should accumulate over well 10,000 (actually 11.800 Miles) highway miles, from beginning to end.


The only kicker is; due to what some might call my 'somewhat diminished' physical condition, I don't honestly know for sure if I'll be complete a trip of this magnitude again, or ever make another long one, for that matter. I would like very much to believe that I will be able to get a few more long rides in, but there is this annoying little voice, way in the back of my mind, that keeps telling me that the chances are slim that this will happen. So, this may be, if not the last, perhaps one of the last, real long rides I'll get to accomplish while I'm still above ground.

Please continue reading below maps...

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The map directly below this text shows all the states, (shown in fuchsia (?))
here in the good old USA, through which I've ridden via motorcycle...

Create Your Own Visited States Map

As of 8/02/2012, I have checked off the last two states of the "Lower Forty Eight" (OR & WA) while on this trip. Mission accomplished!!!
(See My Tentative, or "Draft" Route Map Below)

FYI: The Google map shown below is, more or less, a "draft" of the route I plan on actually taking. It's not an accurate depiction of my trip. It's based on Google map locations I've chosen, that allowed me to show the general direction I plan to travel during the trip. Other than a few points that I do intent to get to, nothing is chiseled in stone here. You can definitely expect a wide number of variables to cause multiple detours to this mapped out route as I continue along the way. You have been warned!
* UPDATE: Most of these maps seem to have stopped working accurately. *

Unfortunately, The Original Route Map No Longer Loads at all.
It Has Been Permanently Removed!


(Once again, please bear in mind, this route is tentative, and subject to change, for reasons real, or imagined. Don't be too surprised, if at times during the trip, I appear to be a bit "off course.")

Please Continue Reading...

So, the plans are being made, and I'm working to put together the funds that I believe will be necessary to complete this type of extended motorcycle trip. I must say, things are looking pretty damn good so far. If everything continues to fall into place, I'll be leaving San Diego on Monday, July 30th, two days after my nephew Allen Palmer, marries his fiancé and my beautiful future niece, Rose Cayetano, on Saturday, July, 28th. (I should have enough time to get sobered up by then, right?) ;-)

I intend to try to catch up with some old friends, and hopefully make a few new ones, as I wind my way across this incredibly beautiful country, that we as Americans, are so lucky to call home.


Most of my overnight stops will be in motels and/or campsites, but certainly, if I'm going to be anywhere reasonably close to anyone who might know me, (and still wouldn't mind my company) I'd be happy to swing by, grab a bite, swill a beer, or three, and borrow a cot, couch, spare section of floor, or even a small portion of the back yard, if it's available. Hint, hint...

Hollister, CA will be my 1st overnighter, with the Sturgis Black Hills Rally, in Sturgis, SD being my 1st extended layover. I plan to be in, and around Sturgis, for a few days, before heading on east towards New England, where I'll take my 2nd extended layover in Dalton. I should be in the Berkshires for about 5 days, before heading south, and eventually back west. Other than those two extended stops, I'm not expecting to spend more than a day, or two, anywhere else along the route.

There are several destinations along this tentative route, that I have specifically chosen, because of a personal desire to visit and/or ride through certain areas of the country, that I have yet to see in person. These include, but are not limited to, places like Hollister, CA, (which is considered the "Birthplace of the American Biker") Crater Lake, OR, Key West, FL, and the Overseas Highway, The Tail of the Dragon, that little bit of Ontario, Canada I plan to travel through, and quite possibly a few others.

In addition, there are also a few areas that I have been through at some point in the past, and just want to experience once again. For instance; The Black Hills Rally, The Beartooth Highway (Rt. 212 in MT & WY), The Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel, and the Lincoln National Forest in NM. Not to mention, a quick stop over in Las Vegas, NV, before running that last leg home.

Will I get to them all? Only time will tell, but I'm sure going to give it the Crippled Old Biker try.

Click Photo for Full Size Image
Mt. Rushmore 2011

At Mt. Rushmore during Sturgis 2011

Last summer, I received lots of feedback from several different people, indicating that they really enjoyed following my posts on Facebook, as I rode from San Diego, to Sturgis and back, last summer. So, much like I did on that Sturgis Trip, I will once again be using my Facebook Page, ( to post my location, and activities, at various points, and times, during the journey, along with lots of photos, videos, status updates, travel tips, personal thoughts, and whatever else I feel like posting.

Whenever possible, I'll post brief updates HERE also.

I hope those of you who followed my travels in the past, will once again follow my newest upcoming exploits, as I take this one. And, I'm also hoping for some friendly interaction with me, by posting, texting, emailing, or calling in, with your own thoughts, comments, suggestions, (I can't promise that I'll answer, or follow them all, but I most certainly will take them all under advisement) and just generally provide some moral support, to this, self proclaimed, Die Hard Biker, during my trip, which, as you have surely already guessed, has been officially dubbed;

There & Back Again: San Diego to San Diego, via America

with my sincerest apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien, and Mr. Bilbo Baggins. In any case, that is exactly what I intend to do! I will get there, and get back again!

A while back, I named my bike Jezebel, mostly because of the piercing double headlights she has. She's a 2006 Harley-Davidson Road Glide, (FLTRI) which I bought used, from Beartooth Harley-Davidson Buell, in Billings, MT, back in 2008, with 950 miles on her. (Unfortunately, I will most likely be skipping Billings on this trip) Beartooth H-D had retired her from their rental fleet, and had her posted on eBay. My bid of $13,600 was the winning bid, so I flew in to Billings, and rode her back to Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts, were I lived at the time. She currently has about 54,000 miles on her, with all but about the 1st 12,000 miles running only AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil in the motor, primary and tranny. In my humble opinion, (and more than one independent lab test) AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants are the best on the market today, but hey, I'm an Independent AMSOIL Dealer. Why would I use anything but the best?

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AMSOIL The First in Synthetics

Not having a factory warranty on the the bike, I try to keep up with general maintenance on the bike myself, with regular engine, tranny, and primary oil changes, regular air pressure checks, and tire replacement, cable lube, clutch replacement & adjustment, etc. If I can, I do it myself. If not, she goes to the shop.

Over all, she's been very good to me, with generally only minor repairs needed since I've owned her, and I'm confident that she'll handle this trip well. But, once again, all I can say is, only time will tell.

And last, but not least, those of you who know my four legged companion Nala, Biker-Dog RIP, especially my Facebook friends, you are probably wondering whether she will be joining me on the trip.

So far, that is the plan. As the time to leave gets closer, I'll continue to reevaluate whether that stays a viable option for both myself, and her, but as of this writing she's planning to come along for the ride. (I'm not planning on taking her. She's planning on coming along.)

Click Here for Larger Image

Nala resting at a Mississippi River overlook
somewhere north of Dubuque, IA
on our trip to San Diego.

For those who have kept reading to this point; Thank you for checking out the webpage. I hope to see, and/or hear from you, when I'm on the road.

With L & R,
Joe Tatro


My Independent AMSOIL Dealer Website:
Member & Former Website Admin.: ABATE of CA, Local 6
Former Berkshire County Rep. & Website Admin., Mass. Motorcycle Assn.
Member: Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Member: American Motorcyclist Association

... & Self Proclaimed "Die Hard Biker."

Contact Info

(844) 227-6457


(413) 446-9484
(If I can't answer, leave a voicemail.)


Nala: (Page Retired)


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Me, Nala Biker-Dog, & Jezebel
Joe Tatro & Nala in San Diego, CA
Joe Tatro, AMSOIL Independent Dealer, San Diego, CA.

I just HAD to post this classic by Arlo Guthrie.
(with Abe Guthrie, Jody Lampro, Bobby Sweet, Terry “A La Berry” Hall, and the Burns Sisters)

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This website is under construction. I have created it to provide those of you who might be interested, with some background information, personal history, basic routes plans, maps & other information regarding a cross country motorcycle trip I'm undertaking during the summer of 2012. I hope you find it interesting, and will use the links included here to learn about, and follow my journey. You are also welcome to use the contact information listed above to contact me as I wander around America on my 2006 Harley-Davidson Road Glide motorcycle. (if you so desire)

Thanks for stopping by!

Note: All travel plans are tentative, and subject to change, for any number of reasons, real or imagined.

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